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Nov 2019
instant messaging service

An instant messaging service project attempted

As desired, I accordingly undertook an instant messing service project. I indeed still feel we need to either develop our

Aug 2019

Settled for for the time being

After some earnest comparisons, I settled for the .co TLD. As I journal this, I am about 30% through the

Jun 2019
3D humanoid family asset

Recently acquired 3D humanoid family set

Despite the simplicity that the 3D humanoid assets here certainly offered, a need became that brought me to consider replacing

Jun 2019

Considering to register the work as a Faith-Based NPO

NB. A post script added in blue towards the bottom of the page I got to carry out the purposed

Feb 2019
Like Christ Ministries

Content creation brought to halt due to lack of resource

It has been over 3 weeks since the last publication. All because I, at one point, felt I had to

Dec 2018
Like Christ's content quality

On the quality of content created and published onsite todate

Until lately, I have created content for the online ministry in somewhat hurry. Mainly in attempt to quickly compile a