Homemade 2D vector art mainly for kids stories

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Often time lately, I have opted to creating needed image art locally for one of a couple of reasons. First off, I reckoned image art would not only complement the Kids short stories but should on their own be fun to preview for little ones. And below are various reasons that have often times moved me to consider mumbling an image art myself. In the past I have used ready rendered frames images while other uses would have 3D models posed specially and then a single frame rendered.

  • Unable to find a fairly relevant and free image online. Hitherto, using paid stock images is not an option. Hence for image needs, I often have to confine my search to free public domain. And not much quality content exist under that.
  • Unable to find both free, relevant and modestly dressed (including hairstyling). I have indeed been brought to consider that there is to be no symphathy of vain wearing of hair (hairtyles). And have on the same note felt I needed to avoid image arts (including those of little ones) with vain looking hairdressing. Mainly because little one put on vain hairstyles due to the ignorance of parents (and that is nothing to be proud of) and that it should have them getting used to the same vanity to our vexation in heart.
  • Overwhelmed by the rather disagreable images I’ld come across at times as I perus for that free and fitting (both Google or paid stock sites). Yes when searching for an image, using an image block add-on is not practical. Yes in cases of image searches, one must either proceed and then labour not to chew on aught in heart or give the search. Yes these are situations you would bid goodbye one you have a choice. Yes I have many a times considered taking on this evident as well.