Recently acquired 3D humanoid family set

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Despite the simplicity that the 3D humanoid assets here certainly offered, a need became that brought me to consider replacing them. I admit feeling their limblessness would potentially make it hard to relate to the viewer’s life but again felt it was all I could afford at the time. This mindset continued until my older son (who was at the time not new to animations based on the same assets) asked me where their hands and legs were.

At which I felt I had to own that many other little ones of his scruitiny level would ask the same question. And felt it could be time to search out for a replacement set if I could help it. I accordingly set out on an internet hunt and came back with a family set of four (mom, dad, son and daughter) at a little over $17 (USD). They were not rigged so I had to do so myself (with the help of this one downloaded armature.  After all, the limbless set was coveted primarily for its minimal-pose nature/requirement – but I was certainly well aware of inherent trade offs such as the noted.

I now purpose to redo the same test animation using the new set and accordingly re-publish once done. Dear God be merciful as usual (and through Christ Jesus of cause). Side note. Seems the Lord was please to grant that I should led to yet another great HDR that does so great a word as the one here.

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