3D texturing recently looked at and tried out

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On earlier 3D animation work, I had deliberately overlooked the use of textures (both image as well as procedural) whenever I felt I could. This was so because 1. It is an extra/additinal step on its own and leaving it out and simply using basic coloring saves time. 2. I had not really gotten to have a good look at how exactly texturing is done. 3. It can be resource intensive and as a results often agrevate render time.

But when I had studied the general quality of previous hardly textured animations, I felt it could raise unnecessary prejudism. I then went on to try take a closer look at how textureing is done as well as trying it out. It indeed prove to have drastically improved the visual quality by a bunch. Which can be seen from the above featured image (an image frame extract from off the Lord’s Preyer video animation published here). As well as the on parts of the environment of the short thanksgiving film here.

But as said, this great look comes at a price I have not been able to pay todate. The image takes around 12 minutes to render as opposed to the around 2 minutes it took off the textureless setup. And rendering a 700 frames (that is how long the Lord’s prayer animation is) clip at 12 minutes per frame should take about 5 days of unbroken rendering on my current rig. There are ofcause online render farms that can have all 700 image frames rendered in a couple of minutes but that should cost around $30 I think. Dear God have mercy.

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