Content creation brought to halt due to lack of resource

It has been over 3 weeks since the last publication. All because I, at one point, felt I had to own that investing time on content creation without worthy traffic was not going to do much justice. As recently accounted for, I am unable to use certain free traditional marketing strategies for what I feel is for holiness sake. And I, on the other hand understood, that SEO based efforts could not converts over night (within a short period). Yes I had no budget for paid marketing.

Unfortunately, it then appeared that I would soon have no sufficient budget for basics as well as other monthly obligations unless I go back to regular keeping of my secular business. Yes I had slacked off for months in hope that this work would take a stand just before I should exhaust my disposable balances (the major part of which was bank credits). However after looking into Like Christ’s daily visit records today, it seems (subdomains inclusive) there is now an average of 1 visit a day. Which I consider an acceptable minimum.

Starting off with a handful of disciples would be great but being chargeable of a single disciple is just as priceless. I am therefore again encouraged to continue creating more content whenever I can take some time off my day job activities. Yes the ending of this month is more threatening than the last was with regards to rent and other monthly obligations. And the attempt to sell our KIA has not been successful to date. So I should have to juggle the two until I should have solid proof to slack off again.

Yes the work is expected to avail its support from its beneficiaries (willful givers only). However without sufficient content to commend itself, I can never have enough grounds to blame any saint for want of support. Dear God have mercy.

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