Computer animation creation delayed due to lost HDR setting

Just before the relocation event, I was spending much time trying to create game content. During which time the modified version of the animation here, could have had enough time to re-render undisturbed, from start to finish. But partly owing to the frequet power outage alluded on the same animation notes, I found out at one point that I had lost the truer color setting I had written hopeful about on the same post. I spent an extended amount of time trying to reproduce it with no success.

As a result, I am somewhat stuck with about 300 (out of 3800) frames from the same animation pending render. I have for this reason somewhat kept away from undertaking new computer animation projects. I shall attempt to reproduce the settings one last time hopefully today. Unfortunately, I feel I will have to settle for the next best settings should I not suceed. I cannot best tell why I am not encouraged to pray about it. Not that I by any means doubt the Father’s delivering hand.

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