Why I self-host videos instead of using the popular YouTube

Christians who may have had occasion to meditate upon this subject may feel this is somewhat an obvious case, however for others, it may be a necessary discussion. In spite being aware of a number of possible benefits that YouTube may have to offer the Kids Videos sub-ministry, I cannot stomach hosting the videos thereon for holliness’ sake.

Below are mejor possible benefits of hosting videos with YouTube

  • I read that, for delivery efficiency, YouTube automatically create multiple versions of each video uploaded. And serve each version according to device platform and resolution selection. And that anyone opting for self-host must do this manually if concerned about possible poor video delivery that may affect overall efficiency.
  • Videos on YouTube buffers a lot faster than standard self hosted videos. Meaning there is less/no need to wait for videos to buffer in between playback. I recently tried out (through their free trial offer) a dedicated content delivery network service but keeping that is not currently affordable.
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube have great viewer-exposure as YouTube receives a lots of traffic. And this likely meaning that LikeChrist in general could soon receive a little more traffic redirected therefrom. From which portion some could even consider to make the already needed donations.

Well to begin with, YouTube itself is not at all Christian friendly – and of cause being a pegan operated service, its is no wonder. While playing back a video for example, YouTube will have a list of “Up Next” videos of several natures to the right and also in the end of each video (I think if auto play next is disabled). With thumbnails that may be offensive or vain by themself. Now if offensive, then any one Christian knowingly publishing video content on YouTube cannot be being charitable to their target (with the exception of evangelism based videos). And I have found that this cannot be configured otherwise without the use of third party browser add-ons (unsure of mobile/app based platforms).

Moreover, I honestly despair that quality traffic could emanate from YouTube. Because, the LikeChrist ministry can be best commendable to particularly matured Christian individuals, parents & teachers, I doubt that YouTube can be any valid source. And ernestly doubt the justness of receiving a support from individuals who do NOT have a full understanding of the gabs we seek to fill.

Personally, if it were not that I found a browser add-on that not only removes that very Up next list panel but also comments, ads and suggested videos that shows up in the end of each video, I believe I would long have bid YouTube goodbye. And anyways, the typical videos I personally consume on Youtube now are auto DIY repairs for the used KIA I recently aqcuired, tutorials on creation of content published onsite such as animations and games. And these I search for explicitly and have a better search results response from which I then make my pick. As a male, I also labour avoid female presented tutorials. Hence I by this assert that YouTube videos are generally aborminable themselves if it not the fiery hoops viewers have to go through. But yes there is otherwise a difference between publishing on YouTube and consuming the content you can justify.