Considering to create and publish abitrary nature videos & images

Together with animation based video resources, I am considering bringing in innocent nature based videos and images. By abitrary meaning that the pictures or video will not necessarily have to feature drama of some sort. Meaning that it could be as simple a grazing cow. I recall that when YouTube’s kids content began to avouch itself as the world’s own, I would try to search simple nature video footages for the boys instead. Like live stock farming, wild habivoirs and the likes.

But quickly found that pagan made content easily declares itself as the world’s own iregardless of the subject. For example a the live stock farming footage would feature the farmer or narrator in a rather neglectful dress code. Yes this I ever expected and often hoped that one would perhaps run into footages that would feature no human character but such would either be hard to find or would be guilty of other blemishes (Like bad/fallen language in the narration). 

I will at first try to capture and publish the said media content by myself but may later welcome content from other Christian contributors. Yes contributed media files will certainly undergo strict pre-publication moderation to ensure that the “Christian friendly” qualilty is conserved so far as possible. The videos are expected to be published on the Kids Videos subdomain while I may have to create a separate subdomain for images. My 6 year often appreciates when we look up a certain animal pictures online and thus I am convinced that curated/Christian friendly pictures of nature should receive due appreciated. Especialy if it is all they have. Yes there already are many great nature pictures online but copyright issues do not often make it easy to curate.




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