Domain hosting plan finally upgraded

As noted here, I already had reasons to believe that the hosting plan then at hand could use upgrading. But ...
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Went to test out AWS’ EC2 in hope for a low cost render farm without success

After spending a day or two trying to both learn and test render using AWS' virtualization machines called EC2, It ...
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Story audios to be hopefully redone using real human voice

As of today, all story audios are done using the TTS engine acquired sometime back. While it fills the gap ...
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Infrastructural tasks shelved until further notices

With regard to website infrastructuctures, much of what needed little to no direct financial expenditure have I fairly attempted to ...
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Been trying to adapt the new assets to recent test animation

Ever since acquired, I have at sundry times worked towards adapting the same humanoid assets to the recently done test ...
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affordable render service

Hope for an affordable render service option

When hope on affordable cloud/online render farms was pretty much lost, I came to be aware of one service that ...
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Homemade 2D vector art mainly for kids stories

Often time lately, I have opted to creating needed image art locally for one of a couple of reasons. First ...
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Some 3 site structural changes I wish to effect

Merging the Journal subdomain with Communications: Not only should this help in cutting down work involved in managing multiple sites ...
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Typical Toy arrogances

Typical Toy arrogances that will vex or lead to stumbling

Amongst our aspired Christian-friendly centered projects is the curating/creating  of toys that should complement a Christian parent's earthly pilgrimage. Toys ...
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3D humanoid family asset

Recently acquired 3D humanoid family set

Despite the simplicity that the 3D humanoid assets here certainly offered, a need became that brought me to consider replacing ...
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Considering to register the work as a Faith-Based NPO

NB. A post script added in blue towards the bottom of the page I got to carry out the purposed ...
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YouTube and Christianity

My mind on YouTube and Christianity

Any enlightened eye that have had occassion to consider will agree with me that YouTube is for the most part ...
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